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My name is Sam.


Come in. Kick your shoes off. Have a seat.

I'm Sam. I'm a filmmaker, editor, writer and graphic designer. I also do a bit of acting sometimes too.

I've been making films for 24 years. That's almost as long as I can remember. I've made pretty much every kind of film you can think of. The only one I haven't made is a feature film. But trust me - that's on the to-do list. My first video was a skate video that I made with my friends at the age of about 10. We were so bad at skating we called ourselves 'The Wuss Out' skate team because we never did anything.

I spent my youth making films for charities and not-for-profit organisations in and around Hertfordshire including Herts County Council. I also made several films for the Somerset NHS Foundation Trust and some of their partners. I made films for scientists. I made films for Mental Health charities. I made films for Disability charities. I cut my teeth on films that told stories about people.


Then I started making comedy films, at first, just for fun with some mates. But that quickly snowballed into writing, producing and editing my own sitcom on Channel 4 that ran for two seasons. I'm pretty proud of that. During that time I also made some commercials, more short comedy films and several other TV pilots.

Then covid hit and I couldn't make films any more. So I started writing more. I wrote storylines and developed characters for a game studio, medium articles for a crypto company and social media posts for a charity. I started doing graphic design and designing websites too. I rebranded three companies and helped a comedy club in London launch a new event.

So all was not lost...


Then, last summer I decided to start making films again. I bought myself some new gear and started rolling.

I love making films for people, about people.

So let me make a film for you.

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