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Godot is a Woman

In 1953 a man wrote a play about waiting...


Music Video, Director of Photography, Colourist, Director, Editor

Theatre company Silent Faces came to me to to make them a trailer for their production of Godot is a Woman. We talked about a few ideas; how they wanted to represent the show, how they wanted it filmed, how many trees they wanted to pull up. We ended up with this music video style trailer that really worked for their brand of physical theater. It was a fast turn around on a very small budget but we got it done. A fantastic, creative little project to work on.

A bit more about the play:

Since Samuel Beckett wrote Waiting for Godot, he and his estate have notoriously challenged - often legally - non-male companies that wish to perform it

Godot is a Woman is a whip-smart interrogation of gender, authorial copyright and the cultural significance of Madonna's 1989 album, Like a PrayerSilent Faces return with their trademark style of playful, political, physical theatre.

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