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Lee and Dean

My first sitcom


Editor, Writer, Producer, Actor, Director of Photography

Lee and Dean do everything together. Always have. But when Lee gets himself a new girlfriend, everything changes...

In 2016, myself, Miles Chapman, Mark O'Sullivan and Martyn Jolly teamed up to create Bingo Productions. Off the back of a short teaser tape, we were given a budget and told to make a pilot. After that, we were told to toddle off and make a sitcom.

So we did. And we called it Lee and Dean.

It was a wild ride along a terrifyingly steep learning curve but we made it. We went from a small company of 4 people to a production team of over 100 people. From actors to catering staff. From the camera crew to the make-up team.

And then in 2018 we were asked to do it all again and make a second season. Nuts!

The clip above is a scene from the first episode of Series 2. If you want to watch Lee and Dean, you can find it on Amazon Prime Video.

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